Future Love Presents: 

Pure Pleasure Parties

By Relationship Expert Louise Van der Velde


The Party of a Lifetime

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Why Pure Pleasure Parties

To name a few things: 

Exclusive locations that are not used for other parties

High-quality guests; due diligence screening method for readiness

Full privacy, safe environment & discretion

Experienced hosts & hostesses

A pre-party preparation so everyone is ready and warmed up

Live your wildest fantasies, share & love

A night to NEVER forget

There are many fields we strive to improve ourselves in, stretch your comfort zone and learn to grow in love

All Future Love attendees are well-screened and well- prepared to make sure that everyone clicks

We protect your privacy at all costs. Discretion is of the utmost importance for a safe environment to have fun without having to worry

Live your fantasies and meet amazing people to share the experiences with

The Future of Love is not...

The Future of Love is not just about getting it on with other people, even though that’s a lot of fun ;-).

It’s about changing the way we think about love, and being an inspiration to others who feel that there’s a better way.

It’s about connecting with like-minded people that want to love openly, respectfully and grow to be the best versions of themselves, mentally, spiritually and physically.

It’s about living on a vibration of fun & excitement.

It’s about the moments you share with others that could end up being timeless, cherished memories of intimate and/or wild moments that will last you a lifetime.

Are you ready for Future Love?

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